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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bernanos Letter

A little more than a month ago I began to write a post bit as I wrote I realized that I had more material than could be put in one post. Eventually, I wound up with enough material for ten posts and I decided to spin the whole issue off into a stand-alone blog.

The blog deals with the issue of François Truffaut's borrowing of the rejected screenplay of Diary of a Country Priest from Pierre Bost in order to write his article A Certain Tendency of French Cinema.
Bertrand Tavernier has charged that Truffaut borrowed this screenplay from Bost underhandedly in order to write that article. What Tavernier does not seem to realize is that there already was a controversy and I examine the issue in terms of that controversy.

The URL for that blog should be interested is :

The blog is titled

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