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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jean-Pierre Gorin on Manny Farber's death.

This is translated from a eulogy for Manny Farber which was published in Serge Toubiana's blog. Jean-Pierre Gorin taught Cinema at University of California at San Diego with Manny Farber.

I sent him [Jean-Pierre Gorin] an e-mail yesterday, simply as a gesture. Gorin quickly answered me. Let me reproduce a few lines from his e-mail which moved me greatly.
The night of his death was extraordinary. Patricia (Patricia Patterson, Manny Farber's wife, with whom he wrote several books on cinema) with his body in her arms. And Robert Walsh, Jyah Min and me around the bed. Laughter, silence, and again laughter. Few tears. An evening as he would have wanted. We looked at each other surprised by what was happening. Later, Patricia told me that this replicated the account which Manny had given her of the death of James Agee. And then the tasks of the dead.They held mourning with arms outstretched, banishing it in order to reclaim it with interest: mourning on the installment plan. Nothing has affected me yet, but I know the due date approaches.

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