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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The original New Wave

In the French news-weekly L'Express in 1957, Françoise Giroud introduced the term "new wave" to designate the emerging generation in France. In February 1958, Pierre Billard in an article entitled "40 less than 40" in Cinema '58 (a publication of the Federation française des cineclubs which had about 3 or 4 times the circulation of Cahiers du cinema or Positif) first applied the term to cinema. What follows here is a list of the 40 directors considered "new wave" in this first discussion of them subject. NOTE: Alain Resnais, Chris Marker and some others did not make the list because they were considered as directors of short films.

[birth year unknown] Pierre Chevalier, Jean-Claude Roy, André Pergamet [1918] Norbert Carbonneuax, Jean Mousselle, Alex Joffé, Paul Cadéac, Claude Barma [1919] Guy Lefranc, Roger Pigaut [1920] Patrice Dally, Jean Bastia, Henri Verneuil, Claude Boissol, Charles Brabant, Louis Félice, Pierre Kast, Yves Robert [1921] Denys de La Patellière, Michel Boisrond, Yves Ciampi, Pierre Gout [1922] Maurice Delbez, Gérard Philippe, Maurice Régamey [1923] Alexander Astruc, Jack Pinoteau, Robert Ménegoz [1924] Pierre Cardinal, Bernard Borderie [1925] Claude Lalande [1928] Robert Hossein, Roger Vadim, Agnès Varda, Serge Bourgiognon [1930] Claude-Bernard Aubert [1932] Louis Malle

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