My Gleanings

Friday, July 11, 2008

from Arts April 29 - May 5 1959 as reprinted in The 400 Blows; a film by François Truffaut from a filmscript by François Truffaut and Michel Moussy. Edited by David Denby; Publisher Grove Hall (1969) page 225 (Helen R Lane is credited with the translation.)

Truffaut: I see only one common point among young filmmakers; all of them quite systematically play the pinball machine, unlike the old directors who prefer cards and whisky. This is not a paradox, because aside from this game, what I notice mostly is that there are essential differences between us. We know each other, of course, we like the same movies, we exchange ideas in a friendly way, but when the results of our work are judged on the screen, it is noticeable that Chabrol's films have nothing to do with Louis Malle's, which have nothing to do with mine.