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Monday, February 25, 2008

Claude Chabrol takes on Lindsay Anderson

This short piece was written by Claude Chabrol for the "review of reviews" section of Cahiers du Cinema in April 1956. Chabrol had just finished writing about the January 1956 issue of Films in Review and he turned his attention to the Jan-Mar issue of Sight and Sound. (page 61, my translation)

Here, again, a wrap-up of the year's films, infinetely less bewildering than that of Films in Review, but, maybe, less shrewdly defended. Lots of, and quite priceless, news of cinema precedes two aritcles on the great movie palaces which shutter doors long opened. A remarkable article by Lindsay Anderson demystifies On the Waterfront which he contrasts with The Grapes of Wrath and conjures up Abraham Polonsky's Force of Evil which we obliged to go to see in England as it has never been released in France. Michael Redgrave recalls memories of movie sets. Finally, Lindsay Anderson attacks violently - and unjustly - our friends at Positif, then our Alfred Hitchcock special issue, no less violently. Does reading French give him a headache?

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