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Monday, June 25, 2007

Truffaut on two films

From Cahiers du Cinema, the July 1957 issue, a short note which appears under the Conseil des dix tableau on page 34.

" Senéchal le Magnifique has found a defender in the person of François Truffaut, it is absolutely impossible to cite another."

From François Truffaut : a guide to references and resources by Eugene Walz: Item 972 a review of the film Senéchal le Magnifique published in Arts 12 June 1957. Walz synopsizes the review thusly
An amusing film with a good script and excellent dialogue, but directed mechanically.

Item 973 which follows that entry is a review of the Randolph Scott/Budd Boetticher western Seven Men from Now (
Sept hommes à abattre in France). Truffaut reviewed this film for Arts in the 24 July 1957 issue. Walz wrote this squib to summarize Truffaut's review.
"Truffaut disagrees with Bazin who says it is one of the three best Westerns in the last ten years. The script is excellent, but the direction is timid, gauche."

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