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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two Truffaut Notes

Two interesting notes from Eugene Walz François Truffaut:a guide to references and resources.
speaking about the rumor that Truffaut had appeared in René Clément's film
Le Château de verre in 1950. "Though both Godard and Truffaut visited the set of the film for a half day, only Godard was "recruited at the last minute as an extra", by their friend Pierre Kast who was assisting the director. Godard and Jacques Rivette appear very briefly in the film but not Truffaut." (page 289)
Speaking about The 400 Blows: "Truffaut appears fleetingly in the rotor, the spinning carnival ride. Truffaut got on the ride to reassure the nervous Léaud." (note 1491 page 288)

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Blogger Digital Buryong said...

hi jdcopp. i think we've come across somewhere in a foreign film messsage board. i remembered because you helped me with my query with regard to a French film called 'The Client.' Anyway, dood to see your blog. Interesting writing.


22/5/07 21:17  
Blogger Digital Buryong said...


22/5/07 21:18  
Blogger jdcopp said...

Thank you for your appreciation. I do not remember that incident but i have been frequenting different foreign film message boards for about 8 years . Thank you once more.

24/5/07 21:39  
Blogger Digital Buryong said...

That's alright. :) Anyway, are you into French cinema for a long time? Your devotion is immense. In a country like ours (Philippines), I think most moviegoers are still into Hollywood. Foreign language films are still underappreciated. But of course, there are still film buffs around here, like myself, who's passion in cinema is our life. Haha. Pardon my sentimentality. Anyway, great to see you again.

25/5/07 07:01  
Blogger jdcopp said...

I have actually only really been immersed in French cinema for about the last ten years. Prior to that it was hard to get the kind of steady supply of product to allow oneself to become immersed. But the area I live has many fine public libraries which have very alternative AudioVisual sections. Also there are quite a few universities close-by where it is easy to find the printed materail I need.

28/5/07 22:59  

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