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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Godard saves Positif.

In his book A History of the French New Wave Cinema, Richard Neupert notes that in the year and a half between April 1958 and November 1959 Positif was in such dire financial straits that it was only able to publish two issues. But by 1960, the magazine was back on an even keel and by 1962, it was even prospering as much as it could hope to prosper.
So what happened here? Can we speculate? Well, let's try this --in roughly that time period both The Four Hundred Blows and Breathless as well as other fims labeled New Wave were released and interest in film as art exploded to the benefit magazines such as Positif. thus, one might say that Breathless granted Positif its second wind. Maybe, in Positif's reception room, today, a bust of a certain M. Jean-Luc Godard should be placed in gratitude.

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