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Monday, January 01, 2007

Eric Rohmer on the writer Paul Gegauff

The following dialogue is transcribed from the Parlons Cinema interview from 1976 released with the special features by Criterion on its DVD for Eric Rohmer's "La Collectioneuse". It occurs at about 17:25 of that interview. Rohmer is speaking of the influence that Paul Gegauff had on the generation spoken of as the New Wave. Gegauff was a frequent collaborater with Claude Chabrol -- 16 collaborations from 1959 to 1981. Gegauff also worked with more "mainstream" directors like René Clément (Plein Soleil) and Julien Duvivier (Diaboliquement vôtre).
Gegauff on the imdb:
Gegauff's death is interesting in light of his work with Chabrol.

Rohmer: But I’d like to give him credit because personality had a strong influence on many of the films of certain of his friends: Godard, myself and Chabrol.
Interviewer; What was so special about Gegauff?
Rohmer: He had a very strong personality.
Interviewer: As a person or in his books.
Rohmer: Both himself and his books. With Godard it was more Gegauff’s sayings. For example, one of his sayings was in Le Petit Soldat: “I don’t like sunny places. I prefer Brittany.” That’s Gegauff.
Interviewer: His way of being provocative?
Rohmer: Yes, provocative and paradoxical.

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