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Monday, January 22, 2007

Claude Autant-Lara Jean-Luc Godard

The following comments made by Claude Autant-Lara were originally published in Cahiers du Cinema in March 1967 issue no 188 on page 35. The translation is mine.

"In the case of Godard, there certainly is there a kind of expression which, for some part, suits our times. He can not be considered inconsequential; as for me, primarily, I consider him interesting. And then, you can easily see what he is -- an impulsive. That is why I prefer him to the others, he is quite a little crazy. . .Me, I like crazymen, and this impulsive madman, one can see exactly what he wants. He wants to film and he does film."

Autant-Lara goes on to fault Godard for not having enough respect for the audience and to say that all experimentation has its limits and that he thinks that Godard has reach the limits of his experimentation.

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