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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Histoire(s) du Cinema Chapter 2(b) Jean-Luc Godard

Here is the translation for Chapter 2(b) of Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinema
the only
the true
chapter 2(b)
Fatal Beauty
Michele Firk
Nicole Ladmiral
(in Spanish)
You will feel cornered
you will feel lost or alone
will wish you had not been born
had not been born
but you will still agree
with what I wrote one day
think of it, think of it
as now I am thinking
life is beautiful I already see
as to weigh its sorrows
you have friends, you have love
you have friends
a man alone, a wife
turning each to the other
sound like dust, no sound
no sound
(in French)
you then
always remember
of what one day
I wrote
thinking of you
there was a short film
the commentary was spoken
by Jean Cocteau
it told
how a film was made
the voice said
the make-up is applied
I have entered covertly
all the stories
which now are mine
how do I tell them
show them perhaps
but when I was born
did I also
enter covertly
in the blood
of my mother
I wanted to be an engineer
I don't even know
if I succeeded in being ingenious
the invention
of the scenario
it is
a lowly book-keeper
for the mafia
it was necessary to put order
into the disorder
of Mack Sennett's
and Frederich Murnau's
and Karl Freund's
they had invented
the lighting of Nuremburg
when Hitler didn't yet have dough
to pay for a beer
in the Munich beer-cellars
les mains sales
to have or have not
and the American shot
framed at the waist
that was for the revolver
thus the genitals
but that was for the male
since the females
were always framed
at bust level
and deep in every
love story
a tale of wet-nursing
and it was a filmmaker
not a historian
Marcel Pagnol
who discovered the secret
of the iron mask
and at the same time
the origin
of the close-up
the face of the king
on the coin
and the camera-stylo
that was Sartre
who urged the idea
onto the young
Alexander Astruc
so that the camera
fell under the guillotine
of meaning
and it has not recovered
the night has come
another world arises
as if had been abolished
the vanishing point
and the strangest thing
was that the living
dead of this world
are built
on the world of before
their observations, their sensations
are from before
and the thing exists
only through the name I give to it
poor thing
and that I am
Albertine gone
for long time
I use to go to bed early
I say that
and suddenly
it is Albertine who is gone
and it is time which is regained
and that is because
it is novelist who is speaking
but were it
a man of cinema
if it was needed to tell without telling anything
for example
I woke up from misfortune
cinema is nncessary
for the words which remain
in the throat
and to disinter the truth
Be sure you have exhausted
all which is communicated
by stillness
and silence
oh my homeland
is it thus true
that is the way I imagined you
for so long a time
the end is the screen
which is only a surface
happy country, magical
oh beloved land
where thus you are
if an image
looked at apart
expresses something clearly
and it implies
an interpretation
it will not be modified
through contact with other images
the other images will have
no power over it
and it will have no power
over the other images
no action
no reaction
it is definitive and unusable
in the system
of cinematography
are merchandise
and films must be burned
I said this to Langlois
but pay attention
with the fire inside
matter and memory
art is like a fire
it is born
of what it burns
can we recall the time
the time in itself
as such
and in itself
no, in truth
that would be an mad undertaking
a tale where it will be said
times passes
it was running out
time followed its own course
history of cinema
never would a man healthy in mind
obtain this for a narrative
history of cinema
oh when
when did creation exist
freed of form
when oh, when thus
without destiny
where it was
and it is without dreams
it was not awake, not asleep
was only a moment
a song
a unique voice
not recallable
a smiling appeal
once, there was the child
one day, there was the creation
one day, it will be
a miracle freed from luck
a magic evocation
of a far-away and receding
such as beauty is
and that is why
it is also a relapse
into pre-divinity
and that is why
it is for man
a reminiscence
of something
oh, return to the native country
return of the one who no longer needs
to be invited
to restore the smile
where we were in another time
snuggling quietly
to restore the smiling embrace
the fullness of existence
of the awakening
or just before the awakening
impossible to restore the softness
where we buried our face
in order that our vision
would not be transformed
by a simple accident
where all was ours
when we were not jaded by it all
oh, return to the native land
oh, universal time
where nothing was mute
to the mute eyes of the child
and where all had been
new creation
oh, music
of the interior and exterior world
beauty, game in itself
a game that man plays
with his own symbol
since it is the only chance
to escape at least symbolically
the anguish of solitude
repeating still
the very beautiful self-suggestion
the flight into beauty
the game of flight
the despair of art
and its desperate attempt
to create the imperishable
out of things
out of words
stones, colors
in order that space be put in hard form
for the ages
and though the powerful of the world
built halls for feasting
and yet other halls
filling them with torchlight
and music
surrounding themselves with bodies
and more bodies
and with faces
and more faces
that also was
only a form of sleep
I say not an art, not a technique
a mystery
and, for its resolution
a simple magic potion
to light our
magic lantern
it also, isn't it?
the history of cinema
is also tied to that
of medicine
the tortured bodies of Eisenstein
beyond Caravaggio
and El Greco
correspond with
to the first dissections by Vesalius
and Joan Fontaine's
celebrated look
at the glass of milk
does not mirror
a Delacroix heroine
but Pasteur's dog
for all of Kodak's fortune
was made
with x-ray plates
not with Snow White
for yet
since it had wanted
to imitate life's movement
it was normal
it was logical
the the film industry
first sell itself
to the death industry
oh, how many scenarios
about a new-born
about a growing flower
but how many
about machine-gun bursts
because this is what happened
should have been invented in color
it existed
but there you go
at the dawn of the 20th century
the tecnicians decided to reproduce life
so they invented the photograph
but as morality
was still strong
and as on was made
to take away from life
all up to its identity
you wore mourning for this putting to death
and it was in the colors of mourning
black and white
the photo
began to exist
not because of engraving
Nadar's first flower bouquet
did not copy
a Doré lithography
it denied it
and very quickly
to gloss the mourning
the first technicolor took on
the same dominant colors
as funeral wreaths
and Scarlett O'Hara
will tell herself a seond time
that she will think about it tomorrow
of what
of happiness
because it is necessary to wear mourning
but by forgetting it
is it not so
but Madame de Stael
told us how
she wrote Napoleon
glory, sir
is mourning bursting with happiness
but for 50 Cecil B. DeMilles
how many Dreyers
but I can tell you nothing
which could not be said
of variétés
myself who is only an artist
of variétés

contimued with Chapter 3 (a)

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