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Sunday, September 10, 2006

"The Last Metro" and its score

There is one question I have long asked myself about the direction of “La Dernier Métro” that I had meant to note, but forgot to, in my earlier post. In the mid-70s, Truffaut, from “L'Histoire d'Adèle H” thru “La Chambre Verte”, used music by the composer Maurice Jaubert who had dominated the musical world of French film in the 1930s and had then been killed in action early in WWII. Apparently, when Truffaut, after “La Chambre Verte”, made “L’Amour en Fuite”, he decided that Jaubert’s classical-style music would clash with the pop songs from Dorothée and he returned to Georges Delerue for the score. But when he followed that film with “Le Dernier Métro”, it is kind of surprising that he did not return to the music of Maurice Jaubert.
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In “La Chambre Verte” a photo of Jaubert conducting is prominent in Julien Davenne’s shrine of the dead.

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