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Monday, September 25, 2006

Nomination Stew

François Truffaut commenced the tournage of "Fahenheit 451" on January 13, 1966. About six weeks into that shoot, the Oscar nominations were announced and both leads in the film were nominated in the Best Acting category. Oskar Werner was nominated for "Ship of Fools" and Julie Christie was nominated for "Darling".

Incredibly in six months leading up to the start of shooting of Fahrenheit 451, the leads in Fahrenheit had released
Julie Christie-- Darling (Aug 65) and Dr Zhivago (Dec 65)
Oskar Werner --Ship of Fools (Jul 65) and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Dec 65).
Those four films copped 25 nominations. Christie, of course, won for "Darling". Werner lost to Lee Marvin, one of his "Ship" co-stars, who won for "Cat Ballou". He also competed against his “Spy” co-star Richard Burton who was nominated for that film and against Christie's "Dr Zhivago" co-star Rod Steiger who was nominated for "The Pawnbroker"



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