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Monday, September 18, 2006

Reviews of the "young turks" from Cahiers Jan 52 to Apr 59

This posting purports to be little other than a list of films reviewed in the pages of Cahiers du Cinema from issue number 8, Jan 52, through April 59, by the "second group" or "young turks". Thus, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Eric Rohmer, Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette, Jean Domarchi, Jean Douchet, Luc Moullet, Louis Marcorelles and Charles Bitsch. I have also chosen to include Chris Marker's lone review from that Jan 52 issue and Jean Mambrino lone review published in May 58. Cahiers at that time published either long reviews under the rubric "Les Films" or shorter - one column or less - under the rubric "Notes on other films". The reviews that were published as "Notes" are highlighted in red.

Jan 52
The River ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Prince Bayaya ----- Chris Marker
No Sad Songs for Me ----- Hans Lucas (Jean-Luc Godard)
Mar 52
Strangers on a Train ----- Hans Lucas (Jean-Luc Godard)
May 52
The Lady Vanishes ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Feb 53
Shchedroye Leto ----- Jacques Rivette
Mar 53
Tabu ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Sudden Fear ----- François Truffaut
Apr 53
Affair in Trinidad ----- François Truffaut
Black Crown ----- François Truffaut
May 53
The Snows of Kilimanjaro ----- François Truffaut
Deadline ----- François Truffaut
Jun 53
South Sea Sinner/The Narrow Margin ----- François Truffaut
Jul 53
Five ----- François Truffaut
Europa 51 ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Le Quatrième Homme ----- François Truffaut
The Mummy’s Hand ----- François Truffaut
Man in the Dark ----- François Truffaut

Aug/Sept 53
I Confess ----- Jacques Rivette
Le Père de Mademoiselle ----- François de Montferrand (François Truffaut)
Sailor Beware ----- François de Montferrand (François Truffaut)
Rough Shot ----- François de Montferrand (François Truffaut)
Charlie Chan in Mexico ----- François de Montferrand (François Truffaut)
Thunder on the Hill ----- François de Montferrand (François Truffaut)

Oct 53
The Lusty Men ----- Jacques Rivette
Nov 53
Madame de ----- Jacques Rivette
Stalag 17 ----- François Truffaut
Singing in the Rain ----- Claude Chabrol
Niagra ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Dec 53
The Big Sky ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Le Bon Dieu Sans Confession ----- Jean Domarchi
The Hitchhiker ----- Claude Chabrol
Room for One More ----- François Truffaut
A Life of Her Own ----- François Truffaut
Tuna Clipper ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
L’Autocar en Folie ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
The Las Vegas Story ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
The Turning Point ----- Robert Lachenay (Francois Truffaut)
Quand Tu Liras Cette Lettre ----- Robert Lachenay (Francois Truffaut)
The Naked Spur ----- Jacques Rivette

Jan 54
The Big Heat ----- François Truffaut
Feb 54
Angel Face ----- Jacques Rivette
La Red -----Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Sensualidad ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Girls in the Night ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)

Apr 54
Touchez Pas au Grisbi ----- François Truffaut
Si Versailles m’etait Conté ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
May 54
It Should Happen to You ----- François Truffaut
A Personal Affair ----- Claude Chabrol
Never Let Me Go ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Lure of the Wilderness ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Return to Paradise ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
La Guerra de Dios ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
The Manderson Affair ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Trouble in the Store ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)

Jun 54
The Blue Gardenia ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
Traviata 53 ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Treasure of the Golden Condor ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Dangerous Crossing ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Remains to be Seen ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Quai des Blondes ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)

Jul 54
La Provinciale ----- Jean Domarchi
Flight to Tangier(N) ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Aug/Sept 54
River of No Retrun/Prince Valiant/King of the Khyber Rifles ----- François Truffaut
Infedeli ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
The Glass Wall ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Les Hommes Ne Regardent Pas Le Ciel ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
The City is Dark ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)

Feb 55
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ----- François Truffaut
Pain Vivant ----- Claude Chabrol
Mar 55
Apache/Pushover ----- Claude Chabrol
Rebecca ----- Claude Chabrol
April 55
Johnny Guitar ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Rear Window ----- Claude Chabrol
May 55
Voyage in Italy ----- Maurice Scherer (Eric Rohmer)
La Tour de Nesle ----- Robert Lachenay (François Truffaut)
Jun 55
A Star Is Born ----- Charles Bitsch
Vera Cruz ----- François Truffaut
Jul 55
The Barefoot Contessa ----- François Truffaut
The Barefoot Contessa ----- Claude Chabrol
Battle Cry ----- Claude Chabrol
Oct 55
Kiss Me Deadly ----- Charles Bitsch
Nov 55
Les Mauvaises Rencontres ----- Jacques Rivette
Dec 55
Land of the Pharoahs ----- Jacques Rivette
Land of the Pharoahs ----- Claude Chabrol
Hallelujah ----- Eric Rohmer
Jan 56
Ordet ----- Eric Rohmer
Lola Montes ----- François Truffaut
The Blackboard Jungle ----- Jean Domarchi
Feb 56
East of Eden ----- François Truffaut
The Big Combo ----- Charles Bitsch
Mar 56
The Seven Year Itch ----- François Truffaut
House of Bamboo ----- Jean Domarchi
Si Paris Nous Etait Conté ----- François Truffaut
April 56
The Trouble with Harry ----- Eric Rohmer
The Trouble with Harry ----- Jean Domarchi
The Trouble with Harry ----- Jacques Rivette
The Naked Dawn ----- Jean Domarchi
Cette Sacrée Gamine ----- Charles Bitsch
The Saga of Anatahan ----- André S Labarthe
May 56
Rebel Without a Cause ----- Eric Rohmer
Rebel Without a Cause ----- Jean Domarchi
L’Amore ----- Eric Rohmer
The Man with the Golden Arm ----- Charles Bitsch
Love Me or Leave Me ----- Jean Domarchi
Voici les Temps des Assassins ----- André S Labarthe
Jun 56
Lifeboat ----- Eric Rohmer
La Roman Inachevée ----- Eric Rohmer
Cela S’Appelle L’Aurore ----- André S Labarthe
Night of the Hunter ----- André S Labarthe
François Mauriac ----- André S Labarthe
Jul 56
Mr Arkadin ----- Eric Rohmer
Les Assassins du Dimanche ----- François Truffaut
Toute Le Ville Accuse ----- Charles Bitsch
Pete Kelly’s Blues ----- Luc Moullet
Le Peur ----- Jean Domarchi
It’s Always Fair Weather ----- Claude de Givray
Private Hell 36 ----- Luc Moullet
Artists and Models/The Lieutenant Wore Skirts ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Ouragan sur la Vallée ----- Luc Moullet
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell ----- Eric Rohmer
Oct 56
The Last Frontier ----- Eric Rohmer
When the City Sleeps ----- Jean Domarchi
Brigadoon ----- Jean Domarchi
My Sister Eileen ----- Charles Bitsch
Nov 56
Elena and her Men ----- Eric Rohmer
Elena and her Men ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Picnic ----- Eric Rohmer
Invitation to the Dance ----- Claude de Givray
Korhinta ----- Louis Marcorelles
Attack ----- Charles Bitsch
La Mort en ce Jardin ----- Luc Moullet
Dec 56
A Man Escaped ----- Eric Rohmer
Le Pays d’ou Je Viens ----- André S Labarthe
Paris-Palace Hotel ----- Luc Moullet
The Harder They Fall ----- Jean Domarchi
Jan 57
Baby Doll ----- François Truffaut
War and Peace ----- Luc Moullet
...And God Created Woman ----- Claude de Givray
Guys and Dolls ----- Louis Marcorelles
Variety Lights ----- André S Labarthe
Magirama ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Feb 57
Hot Blood ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Lust for Life ----- Jean Domarchi
The Solid Gold Cadillac ----- Louis Marcorelles
Cinerama Holiday/The King and I ----- Luc Moullet
Tennessee’s Partner ----- Luc Moullet
Ransom ----- André S Labarthe

Mar 57
Bigger than Life ----- Eric Rohmer
Written on the Wind ----- Louis Marcorelles
Apr 57
Giant ----- Eric Rohmer
Assassins et Voleurs ----- François Truffaut
Time in the Sun ----- Luc Moullet
Court-Tête ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Calabuig ----- Luc Moullet
Al Margine della Metropolita ----- Luc Moullet
Somebody up there Likes Me ----- Luc Moullet

Jun 57
The Wrong Man ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Girl Can’t Help It ----- Jean Domarchi
The Crucible ----- Luc Moullet
The Incredible Shrinking Man ----- Charles Bitsch
King and Four Queens ----- Jean Domarchi

Jul 57
Sait-on Jamais? ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Sait-on Jamais? ----- Jacques Rivette
The Forty-First ----- Louis Marcorelles
Les Trois Font la Paire ----- Jean Domarchi
Hollywood or Bust ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Crucified Lovers ----- Eric Rohmer
Men in War ----- Luc Moullet
Viva Villa ----- Jean Domarchi
Aug/Sep 57
The True Story of Jesse James ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Heaven Knows Mr Allison ----- Luc Moullet
The Last Hunt ----- Claude de Givray
Oct 57
The Teahouse of the August Moon ----- Claude de Givray
Nov 57
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? ----- Eric Rohmer
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt ----- Jacques Rivette
Porte des Lilas ----- Eric Rohmer
An Affair to Remember ----- Louis Marcorelles
Retour de Manivelle ----- Claude de Givray
Dec 57
Sawdust and Tinsel ----- André S Labarthe
Herr Puntila... ----- Louis Marcorelles
Twelve Angry Men ----- François Truffaut
Pot-Bouille ----- François Truffaut
Le Coup de Berger ----- Claude de Givray

Jan 58
Bitter Victory ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Funny Face ----- Jean Domarchi
Designing Woman ----- Jean Domarchi
A Hatful of Rain ----- Louis Marcorelles
Les Fantastiques ----- Claude de Givray
Une Parisienne ----- Claude de Givray
Mr Cory ----- Claude de Givray

Feb 58
The Ten Commandments ----- Luc Moullet
Elevator to the Gallows(N) ----- Eric Rohmer
The Killing ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Silk Stockings ----- Jean Domarchi

Mar 58
The Tin Star ----- Claude de Givray
You Only Live Once ----- Jean Douchet
The Wayward Bus ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Chronicle of Poor Lovers ----- Luc Moullet

Apr 58
Bonjour Tristesse ----- Jacques Rivette
Kanal ----- Louis Marcorelles
Something of Value ----- Luc Moullet
LesTemps des Ouefs Durs ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Rafles sur la Ville ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Garment Jungle ----- Claude de Givray
The Man of a 1000 Faces ----- Claude de Givray
Les Ballets Bolshoi ----- Louis Marcorelles

May 58
The Seventh Seal ----- Jean Mambrino
Les Girls ----- Eric Rohmer
Passion Juvenile ----- François Truffaut
Montparnasse 19 ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Young Lions ----- Charles Bitsch
Sayonara ----- Jacques Rivette

Jun 58
Illicit Interlude ----- Jacques Rivette
This Angry Age ----- François Truffaut
Hold Back the Night ----- Luc Moullet
Paris Holiday ----- Luc Moullet

Jul 58
L’ Eau Vive ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Pajama Game ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Brothers Karamazov ----- Charles Bitsch
The Long Hot Summer ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Gideon of Scotland Yard ----- Louis Marcorelles

Aug 58
The Quiet American ----- Eric Rohmer
Jet Pilot ----- Luc Moullet
Tea and Sympathy ----- Louis Marcorelles
A Man is Ten Feet Tall ----- Louis Marcorelles
Rosa Bernd ----- Louis Marcorelles

Sept 58
The Cobweb ----- Jean Domarchi
Tarnished Angels ----- Luc Moullet
Baby Face Nelson ----- Jean Domarchi
Nov 58
Dreams----- Eric Rohmer
Une Vie ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Left-Handed Gun/Cowboy/The Bravados ----- Jean Domarchi
God’s Little Acre(N) ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Jan 59
Indiscreet ----- Jean Domarchi
Wild is the Wind ----- Luc Moullet
Feb 59
Man of the West ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Rising of the Moon/The Last Hurrah ----- Louis Marcorelles
South Pacific ----- Eric Rohmer
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ----- Louis Marcorelles
Les Tricheurs(N) ----- Eric Rohmer
The Roots of Heaven ----- Luc Moullet
Miles of Fire(N) ----- Charles Bitsch
The Vikings(N) ----- Luc Moullet
Mar 59
Vertigo ----- Eric Rohmer
Le Beau Serge ----- Jean Douchet
Les Rendez-vous du Diable ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Ztracenci----- Luc Moullet
La Loi ----- Jean-Luc Godard
The Law and Jake Wade ----- Charles Bitsch

Apr 58
Brink of Life ----- Eric Rohmer
A Time to Love and a Time to Die ----- Jean-Luc Godard
Gigi ----- Louis Marcorelles
La Femme et le Pantin ----- Luc Moullet
Twilight for the Gods ----- Luc Moullet

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