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Monday, September 11, 2006

Best French Director list from Belgian Cinematheque 1958

In 1957, the Belgian Cinematheque asked 150 critics from around the world to submit their list of the thirty most important films from the beginning through 1955. One hundred seventeen critics from twenty-six nations submitted their list. They cited some six hundred and nine different films. René Clair films received 135 citations, the most for any French director. The following is the list of the twenty most cited French directors as republished in the Cahiers du Cinema issue for November 1958.
1 René Clair
2 Jean Renoir
3 Marcel Carné
4 Jean Vigo
5 Jacques Feyder
6 Abel Gance
7 Georges Méliès
8 René Clément
9 Jean Cocteau
10 Claude Autant-Lara
Robert Bresson
12 Julien Duvivier
13 Henri-Georges Clouzot
14 Jean Epstein
Albert Lamorisse
Max Ophuls
17 Jacques Becker
18 Sacha Guitry
Georges Rouquier
Jacques Tati


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